What Does Creativity Have to Do with Your Feminine Side?


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Whether you’re a writer, entrepreneur, health practitioner, artist, scientist (the list goes on), you’re creating from the wellspring of the feminine. The feminine within you and the feminine of the Great Mother. No matter your gender or sexual preference, the feminine resides within all of us.

What is the Great Mother?
The Great Mother is the all-pervading force of creative energy living within the Earth and Universe. The vessel where magic and imagination resides. The chalice where the divine masculine gathers his spark to bring creative energy into manifest form. Together, the divine feminine as vessel and divine masculine as spark come together to create the world into being.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein

How Do We Access the Divine Feminine Creative Wellspring?


The most prominent way to access the divine feminine is within our dreams. Creativity bubbles from within our subconscious while we sleep. Dreams are a kind of “dying to the self.” When we dream, we step into the unknown. Stepping into the darkness, we open to our souls and the collective subconscious. Darkness has always been associated with the feminine because of the quality of mystery.

History has changed because of people’s dreams. Consider how the following people received creative breakthroughs simply by resting into the feminine.

Albert Einstein: Principle of Relativity
Mary Shelly: Frankenstein
Paul McCartney: Yesterday
Niels Bohr: Structure of the Atom
Elias Howe: Sewing Machine and many more . . .
Learn more about how dreams changed history.

Dream Journaling is key for developing creativity. For capturing messages from the soul, and bringing them into form.

The soul rests within the divine feminine, waiting for us to pay attention to it.

Tip: Keep a journal next to your bed with a pen resting inside on a blank page. As soon as you have a dream, write it down. Even if it’s 3 a.m. Especially so! This is the golden time of receiving the soul’s messages. Your mind will trick you. Telling you that you will remember. You will not. Even if you remember fragments, capturing the feeling is most important.


If a twenty-foot tree was not rooted, it would topple over. This is how many people live their lives — rootless. Following mental projections of thoughts that don’t belong to them. Thoughts learned from parents, friends, school, work, and culture. These thoughts are often not very creative in nature. They are impressions and perspectives handed to you rather than being generated from within your very own soul — your inner world.

Creativity arises from the root of being. What does it mean to be rooted?

Being rooted means connecting with the physical body. Our feet are similar to tree roots. Grounding with the Earth’s magnetic energy. Extending into Earth’s everpresent wellspring of energy, who provides for all of our needs. Grounding with the Earth allows us to fully feel sensations as energy and emotions in the body; creating potential for life fulfilling experiences.

The primordial energy of the Earth is like a circulating battery. Giving us ample opportunities to ground our energy with her feminine nature. Recharging with the Earth, allows for health and wellness to be more prevalent. More on Earth as a battery, and the health implications of grounding with the Earth.

Rooting with the Earth provides the simple connection necessary for being human. Opening us to the flow of the divine feminine: nourishing our creativity.

Tip: A simple meditation with the Earth helps with rooting. Such as: walking in the forest or park and connecting with a tree by rooting with it. Standing with a tree, arms stretched out like branches, feeling the energy of the tree, you and the tree are one — roots and all. Touching a tree helps ground your energy immediately.


Fear keeps many people from asking for what they want. What they want in relationships, work, and from themselves. Or often times, asking for too many things, too fast.

To ask for what we want, we must first know what we want. Knowing is a divine feminine principle. Knowing is intuitive in nature.

Asking opens up space for what we truly desire to come into fruition. By asking the Great Mother, or beloved partner, or friend, or colleague for help and guidance, we open up to receiving. (If you’re someone who often asks other people for advice. Take a moment, and tune into your divine nature. Ask your inner knowing or the Great Mother for guidance.)

Receiving is natural to the divine feminine way of living. We always have a choice about who or what we receive. Being discerning about how we ask for what we want determines how we receive what we want.

If urgency guides the asking, then a fear-based response will occur: Act now or die! Taking a bit more time to reflect on a situation and a bit longer to feel sensations in the body, by taking a breath before asking, creates a more desired grounded response.

Creativity arrives when you ask for the next best steps, and surrender to receiving the answer.

Tip: The next time you don’t know what to do or you feel confused, simply close your eyes, breathe, and ask for the next best step. Allow for space and time between your ask and the answer.


The divine feminine asks us to slow down and open to the fullness of opportunities. Having urgent thought trains running on tight schedules doesn’t allow for creativity. The juiciness of creativity requires listening. Listening to the soul and our inner nature.

In listening, we surrender our “ask” to the divine feminine. We surrender our questions, requests, and fears to the everpresent fullness of the Great Mother. Allowing her to hold us while she considers our request.

Charging ahead with what we “think is the best way” often causes results we would rather have avoided. Check your past history of making decisions to see if this is true: urgent choices from preprogrammed thoughts created unsatisfactory results.

Surrendering can often feel scary because we associate surrendering with giving up and losing control. And, how has being in control affected your life and relationships so far?

What if surrendering your questions, thoughts, and requests to the divine feminine actually meant you were surrendering to yourself? Surrendering to your inner knowing of the next best step.

Tip: The next time you need to make a difficult decision, simply surrender your difficult decision to your intuition or to the Great Mother or the Universe. This can be done by visualizing your decision as a shape/color, then releasing it to the Earth or the Universe. Allow for the decision to arise within you like a sapling growing from soil.

With each decision arising from the wellspring of Knowing, soon a forest of creativity will grow.

I am a mystic as much as I am a writer. My words stretch the bounds of reality and take you to a world that touches our world, but is hidden or rarely seen.

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